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Karate Ground Fighting

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Karate Ground Fighting

Jesse Enkamp
36 ratings

How To Defend, Survive & Escape the Ground for Karate Practitioners

Do YOU know how to fight on the ground?

If the answer is "NO", you're like most Karate people.

This is a BIG mistake.

Because in today's martial arts world, everyone knows takedowns, throws and sweeps. Even beginners.

This means YOU could end up on the ground...

What happens then?

Sadly, most Karate practitioners are like fish on dry land. 

I have seen this with my own eyes, when people from other schools visit my dojo. Many Karate practitioners have NO IDEA what to do on the ground. Some people don't even know how to fall or stand up correctly.

The reason for this is simple: 

Karate is NOT a complete fighting system. 

(Sorry, I had to say it.)

The original purpose of Karate was to finish the opponent with a single blow - standing up. Ground fighting wasn't necessary. 

But times are changing...

Today, almost every martial artist knows ground fighting! Grappling systems like BJJ, MMA and Wrestling are dominating combat sports.

This means you have two choices: 

1. Learn ground fighting...

2. ...or get left behind!

To me, the answer is obvious:

YOU need to learn ground fighting NOW.

But it has to be right. It has to be practical for Karate.


I've created a digital product called "Karate Ground Fighting" for you.

Karate Ground Fighting consists of 3 instructional videos. These videos will teach you how to avoid the ground, how to escape it, how to defend it, how to attack from it and more.

It's ONLY for Karate practitioners.

You don't need to learn advanced reverse hyper leg lock submissions. You need to learn ground fighting techniques that WORK FOR KARATE.

That's EXACTLY what you get in these videos. 

The videos were professionally filmed in 2015, 2016 and 2017 at my exclusive Karate Nerd Experience (KNX) seminars held in Germany, UK and USA.

Here's what you get in Karate Ground Fighting:

  • Video 1: BJJ for Karate: Waldo Zapata - World-Famous BJJ Expert
  • Video 2: MMA for Karate: Antony Vinicio - Lyoto Machida's Coach
  • Video 3: Okinawan Karate Ne-Waza*: Jesse Enkamp - The Karate Nerd


* Yes, that's right. There was a lost ground-fighting system in Okinawa (the birthplace of Karate). I learnt it from a 10th dan grandmaster there. 

Directly after purchase, all videos will be available for streaming & download to your devices (PC / laptop, tablet / iPad, iPhone etc.).

Your belt, style or age doesn't matter. 

The videos are easy to follow for everyone. No special skills or flexibility required. Just an OPEN MIND.


Are you ready to learn ground-fighting for Karate?

Download Karate Ground Fighting today!

"I'm a shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people don't know how to swim" - J. J. Machado 
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You'll receive the 3 following videos for download:

1: Waldo Zapata - BJJ for Karate
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2: Antony Vinicio - MMA for Karate
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3: Jesse Enkamp - Okinawan Ground Fighting
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