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KNX22: The Karate Nerd Experience 2022 Videos

Jesse Enkamp

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  • Jesse Enkamp - The Karate Nerd
  • Kyoshi Mikael Jansson - Taido
  • Guro Johan Skalberg - FMA, Kali
  • Oliver Enkamp - Pro MMA Fighter (UFC, Bellator)
  • Sifu Jakob Isaksson - Traditional Kung Fu

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Jesse Enkamp: Happoren Kata (Bubishi) Iron Body Training
5.4 GB
Mikael Jansson: Taido Introduction: Stances & Kicks
8.5 GB
Johan Skalberg: Kali (Empty Hand) Applications & Flow Drills
6.8 GB
Oliver Enkamp: Clinch Fighting (Happoren Bunkai)
3.7 GB
Jakob Isaksson: Functional Applications of Traditional Kung Fu
7.8 GB
Jesse Enkamp: Ukemi, Nage Waza & Ne Waza
3.1 GB
Johan Skalberg: FMA Knife Defense
4.5 GB
Oliver Enkamp: Framing & Anti-Wrestling
3.9 GB

KNX22: The Karate Nerd Experience 2022 Videos

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