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KNX18: The Karate Nerd Experience Okinawa Edition

Jesse Enkamp

Watch KNX18: The Karate Nerd Experience 2018 organized in Okinawa - the birthplace of Karate!



Okinawa Goju-Ryu Kempo

Yoshio Kuba is a master of bunkai (practical kata applications) and holds the rare degree of 10th dan black belt.

He started learning Karate at the age of 15 and was a direct student of Seikichi Toguchi [1917-1998], who studied under Chojun Miyagi [1888-1953] and Seiko Higa [1898-1966]. Yoshio Kuba also holds a Master’s Degree in Pharmacy and runs a full time acupuncturist practice in Okinawa.

As the head of the Acupuncture Association in Japan, his deep knowledge of “kyusho” (vital points) is unparallelled.


Ryukyu Kingdom Sui-Di Bujutsu

Koiichi Nakasone holds the degree of 9th dan black belt, in a special bare-knuckle style from the Ryukyu Kingdom era - before modern styles were invented.

In his youth, Koiichi Nakasone spent three months in USA, traveling from dojo to dojo to challenge people in full contact fights (known in Japanese as “dojo yaburi”) to test his skills. Echoing the words of the legendary Choki Motobu [1870-1944]: “There is nothing more harmful to the world than a dysfunctional martial art.”

Today, Koiichi Nakasone is best known for his wealth of knowledge about sparring, self defense and joint manipulation skills.


Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do

The youngest Okinawan master at KNX18 is Kanji Uechi – but his experience is unique. As the direct descendant of Kanbun Uechi [1877-1948] (the founder of Uechi-ryu), Kanji Uechi started learning Karate at age 7 under the watchful eye of his grandfather Kanei Uechi [1911-1991] and his father Kanmei Uechi [1941-2015].

The Okinawan style of Uechi-ryu is known for it’s physical bone conditioning, brutal self-defense and unique animal techniques; including Tiger, Dragon and Crane.

Kanji Uechi is determined to pass on the original method of his family’s tradition.


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KNX18: The Karate Nerd Experience Okinawa Edition

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