Strength Training for Karate

Have you ever wanted to complement your Karate with functional strength training? 

Now you can!

In , you get a step-by-step resistance training program for Karate, based on the physical demands, neuromuscular patterns and movement planes of Karate.

This program is now available for instant download (video included).

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 is carefully presented in a logical order to maximize your strength gains specifically for Karate, while minimizing any negative influence on your technical Karate performance.

Strength training should make your Karate better – not worse!

There are many strength programs out there, but few of them will enhance your Karate skills like

is not a regular strength program. It’s not based on the bodybuilding approach (treating muscles as isolated areas of development for aesthetics), but based on the unique motor skills and biomechanical demands of Karate. 

If you're a Karate practitioner who wants strength, this is the right program for you.

is not strictly for ”athletes”. It's for anyone striving to incorporate functional strength training for Karate performance, injury-prevention and health.

can be done at home or in a gym, with simple equipment. It does not require a lot of time, and is easy to learn through the video instructions and 16-page presentation included in the program.

is divided into 3 levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). It’s generally advised that you start at Level 1, since subsequent levels build on the foundations acquired in Level 1.

Are you ready to improve your strength, health and Karate performance?

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Note: 'Strength Training for Karate' consists of digital files only. No physical products will be shipped. After buying, you’ll get immediate access to download the program and video instructions to computer, phone or tablet.

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Strength Training for Karate

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