Karate Flexibility & Mobility

50 dynamic flexibility exercises guaranteed to improve your Karate performance, movement ability and physical well-being.

Do you want higher kicks, deeper stances and pain-free joints? 


Karate Flexibility & Mobility consists of 50 no-nonsense exercises designed to improve your functional flexibility through a range of dynamic mobility drills.

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These exercises will help you overcome stiff ankles, tight hips, a bad back, sore neck and other physical barriers stopping from fulfilling your potential.


Modern society has made us dysfunctional. Muscular imbalances and stiff joints are a rule these days, not an exception. 

Most people think there is nothing they can do about this. They feel stuck.

But as a Karate practitioner, you know better... 

Limits are only challenges in disguise, and the human body is capable of amazing feats.

Karate Flexibility & Mobility is divided into two categories:

 - Locomotion (25 exercises across a space)

 - Stationary (25 exercises moving on the spot)

Note: It’s recommended that you combine both approaches.

All exercises are recorded on digital video for easy learning - no matter what age, grade or flexibility level you currently have.

The exercises are so simple that you can start practicing immediately after watching the video.

However, Karate Flexibility & Mobility does not include any “old-school” static stretching. 

Although classic stretching certainly has its time and place, the exercises in Karate Flexibility & Mobility are 100% movement oriented in nature, never static.

Why? Because that’s how you naturally become flexible - through movements that challenge your body's full joint mobility in all planes of motion.

This is what translates to high kicks, deep stances and smooth movement in the dojo. 

(Not sitting in splits for ages!)

So - are you ready to get flexible for real?

Download Karate Flexibility & Mobility now.

You are only a few clicks away from transforming your body from a stiff tree to flexible bamboo.

Get started!

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Karate Flexibility & Mobility

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