KNX21: The Karate Nerd Experience 2021 Videos

Jesse Enkamp


Download the digital videos of KNX21: The Karate Nerd Experience 2021 hosted by Jesse Enkamp (


  • Jesse Enkamp - The Karate Nerd
  • Sifu Martin Watts - White Crane Kung Fu, Yongchun
  • Dr. Lucio Maurino - World Karate Champion & Biomechanics Expert
  • Oliver Enkamp - Pro MMA Fighter (UFC, Bellator)
  • Secret Sensei - Kalaripayattu

Directly after purchase, the video material will be available for streaming & download to your devices (phone, laptop, tablet etc).

Check out the KNX21 vlog for highlights of the event.

Note: Videos from previous KNX available HERE.

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Jesse Enkamp: Throwing Biomechanics Solo Training
1.36 GB
Oliver Enkamp: Applied Throwing Mechanics (Mawashi Zuki) Hooks & Swings
1.23 GB
Dr. Lucio Maurino: Fight-or-Flight Nervous System Lecture
4.12 GB
Martin Watts: Yongchun Ancestral Crane Presentation
3.21 GB
Secret Sensei: Kalaripayattu
Jesse & Oliver Enkamp: The First KNX Kata
2.93 GB
Dr. Lucio Maurino: Kinetic Chain Mobility Flows
5.75 GB
Martin Watts: Original Sanchin (Sanzhan) & Partner Drills
4.59 GB
Dr. Lucio Maurino: Joint Decompression & VO2 Challenge
3.84 GB

KNX21: The Karate Nerd Experience 2021 Videos

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